Geert Germonpré

Camera operator, editor

I am a freelance camera operator and editor, based in Ostend, Belgium.I shoot and edit corporate movies, commercials and videoclips. I am also the co-owner of Pigeon Eggs, a film and photography studio where we take the entire visual process from start to finish for our clients.

If you are an agency, production company, director or if you have a business, send us a message, and we love to create your next movie.

Clients and brands i work(ed) for:

Renasci, VIB Gent, VIB Leuven, Oxfam, Haven Oostende, Redhead, Blueduck, Mitsubishi, Bpost, Cebeo, Economisch huis Oostende, Toerisme Oostende, VDK Bank, Elevation Dancecademy, UZ Gent, Make Sense, De Videonauten, No Angry Men, Toont, Comm2B, Adya, Augustijn Vermandere, Your Life on Hold, Mildreda, Seamoose, Pairi Dayza, 4AD, Makkie, VLC De Geuzetorre, De Paulusfeesten, Metro, LTI Oedelem, and many more…

“When people ask me if i went to filmschool i tell them, ‘no, i went to films’.”

– Quentin Tarantino


Mildreda “liaisons Dangereuses”


Urban mobility

Haven Oostende EHBO

Bpost testimonial “Hamza”

Bpost testimonial “Arnaud”

Commercial Ensorhuis

Augustijn mini-docu


VIB Gent

KU Leuven

Your Life On Hold – Anywhere out there

Let’s connect tel: 0488 80 62 05